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Professional, Comprehensive Restoration Service
for Antique Furniture.

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Nigel Hoy is a master craftsman with over 30 years of experience in restoring antique furniture and within the antiques trade. He is also a highly skilled cabinet maker. He has worked on many excellent quality pieces which have required a sensitive and sympathetic approach to retain their originality. Nigel utilises traditional methods and materials and his work is of exceptionally high standard.

Initially send photos by e-mail for a Free Restoration Estimate. Please include your location & telephone number, then we will contact you to discuss your restoration requirements in detail.

We will turn our hand to most restoration projects, we always carry out sympathetic restoration
& will advise you whether your project is cost effective.

Follow Us on Instagram to see Restoration Projects in progress.


Restoration of Victorian Elm Box
 This Victorian box was in intrinsically good condition when it arrived at the workshop with no serious damage or old repairs to deal with, however the lid had shrunk over time & would not close & at sometime the box had been heavily varnished.

Initially the box is almost black, the old varnish is stripped by hand taking care not to scratch or mark the elm boards.
Finally, the remainder of the old varnish is removed with methylated spirits & '0000' (very fine) wire wool.
Due to the shrinkage across the width of the grain to the top, a small shaving of timber needs to be planed from the inside edge of the top moulding to enable the lid to close. The box is placed on to its top and the moulding is marked out ready for removing a small amount of timber from the inside edge of the top moulding. This removal is done with a small rebate plane.
(The blade of the plane reaches across to the very edges of the plane body.)
The top was re-fitted using the original Victorian screws.
The surface of the timber was sealed with French polish using a traditional French polish 'rubber' & then wax polished.

The beauty of the elm boards had been totally hidden by the varnish, with careful & sympathetic restoration
this 150 year old box is as beautiful now as when it was originally made.

Antique Furniture Sympathetically & Beautifully Restored by Charnwood Antiques.
Contact Nigel to discuss having your antique furniture restored.

What our customers say....

"We inherited a Dutch side table made when Walpole was prime minister. It had once been magnificent but was never the same after its home in Kensington was bombed. We tried to get it restored but the twisted top, the missing marquetry and other damage defeated all comers. But not Nigel. Hes a furniture physician who can diagnose the problem and conjure up the cure. Our table is once again a delight."
Charles, Essex.

"I'm delighted with the wonderful restoration Nigel carried out on my much loved 18th Century desk which was really showing its age. From start to finish Nigel was knowledgeable and helpful, giving me a lot of information about the desk and explaining exactly what needed to be done and why. The work was done to a very high standard and the desk was even delivered back to my house. I highly recommend Nigel and Charnwood Antiques."
Debbie, N5

"I arrived at Charnwood Antiques in search of a simple chest of drawers. I couldn't see anything in the showroom but Nigel had a chest of drawers in the workshop which had just arrived but had not been restored. He was hugely helpful, showing me examples of how the wood would look once restored & spent a long time measuring & discussing the piece in question. We bought the piece & are delighted with the restoration.
I can happily recommend Charnwood Antiques both for the quality of the products & the service provided."
Catherine Heaney

 Antique Furniture Restoration Services Include:

Structural & Veneer Restoration, Traditional Upholstery
French Polishing by Hand
Clock Case Restoration & Clock Movement Overhaul
Desks Re-leathered, Carving & Turning
All Types of Brassware Supplied & Fitted
Repairs & Copies of Originals Hand Cast to Order
Cabinet Making, Glazing & Lining.

Other Restoration Services:

Frame Repair & Gilding
Silver Repair & Re-plating
 Fine Art Restoration

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